State of the art manufacturing facilities

State of the art manufacturing facilities.


SCP, Inc. receives 400-500 truckloads of lumber each year

SCP, Inc. receives 400-500 truckloads of lumber each year.


Pallets comply with international shipping standards

Pallets comply with international shipping standards.


Just in time inventory management

Just in time inventory management.


Most waste is reused or recycled

Metal banding ready for recycling.


We provide prompt and personalized delivery

We provide prompt and personalized delivery.

What We Offer Our Customers

Quality Wisconsin Craftsmanship

The founders of SCP, Inc. have over 60 years combined experience in the demanding paper industry before starting SCP, Inc. Their knowledge and experience sets SCP, Inc. apart from the competition. After the business started in Hortonville, SCP has a service area that extends far beyond Appleton and the Fox Cities area.

Cost effective solutions

As a part of your team, we will suggest improvements to design and provide alternative solutions to your wood packaging needs. We can help you evaluate your existing pallet needs, and recommend cost effective ideas for you to consider. There are many cost saving options to consider such as lumber type and thickness. We are flexible and responsive to your needs. We can build the pallet that is right for your product, to help eliminate product damage, lower shipping costs and preserve our natural resources. We also offer inventory options to help save warehouse space. We will consider the specific needs of your product, your facility and the end use, so that you feel comfortable putting your product on ours.

Design Stage

Superior attention to your pallets needs in the design stage using the computerized Pallet Design System (PDS) to make sure that we are providing you with exactly what you are looking for, regardless of how simple or complex your specific needs are. Once a customer's specification is designed, SCP, Inc. will never modify the design spec without the customer's consent.


SCP, Inc. will work with you to design an ordering and delivery process that is easy and fits with your existing system and that will ensure that you get your requested product by your required deadline. Contact us to learn more about our value added customized process.


We have excellent relationships with our lumber suppliers. This helps us to ensure a steady supply of lumber to us. We also receive truckloads of cants, and cut the wood to the size of what we need, this is another way that we can further cut costs and be more efficient to meet our customer's needs. SCP receives about 400-500 truckloads of lumber each year. About 25% of our lumber usage is hardwood, 10% is soft wood and the remainder is kiln-dried SPF (a spruce pine fir mix).


When requested we certify pallets we make for export with our NELMA Stamp. Even though the lumber mill producing the lumber marks the wood with their HT stamp, we re-stamp the lumber custom cut from a long length, so that the pallets are compliant with international shipping standards.


In all three locations, we own modern and efficient models of equipment on the market. From the saws, automatic pallet machines, de-dusters, and lifts, we have made advances to increase efficiency and safety for our employees.


We can help manage your inventory by keeping frequently ordered items in stock at our facility to minimize time between ordering and delivery. Vendor managed inventory helps to ensure that you have an uninterrupted supply of products.

Environmentally friendly

At SCP, Inc., we do our part to be very conscious of the environment. We produce very little waste that is not reused or recycled. Scrap metal products are recycled. Scrap wood is given to local businesses to be used as fuel in their wood burning furnaces. Sawdust is sold at a reasonable price to local farms to use in their stables.

EverGreen Pallet, Inc.

Recover, Recycle, Renew

We also pick up scrap pallets from our customers and take them to EverGreen Pallet, Inc., our recycling pallet facility. Here pallets are sorted. The usable pallets are repaired and are sold as recycled pallets. The pallets that are not usable are broken apart. This wood is either used to repair the recycled pallets or ground into landscape mulch. Metal scraps from these pallets are also collected and recycled.


We do all the delivery of our products ourselves, for more prompt and personalized service.


Contact us for more information regarding about how we can meet your skid, crate, and pallet needs.