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Standard Pallet Configurations

Four Way Entry Runner Pallet

Two Way Entry Runner Pallet

Full Four Way Entry Block Pallet

Full Four Way Entry Double Wing Block Pallet

Two Way Entry Single Face Runner Pallet

Custom Pallet Configurations

SCP Inc. has the ability to manufacture any wood packaging your company needs. Not only common and standard size needs, but also custom low volume items. Any size, configuration, and specification your company may need, we’re here to help!

Establishing Criteria for Pallet Specification

To reduce costs and ensure the protection of the unit load, pallet users should establish criteria for pallet specifications and we can help. Here is a list of items to consider in the developing and quoting of your wood packaging.

  • Size and description: 2-way and 4-way
  • Schematic drawing with dimensions and component placement
  • Dimensions:
    • Top deck, bottom deck, stringer or block and stringer board
    • Length x Width x Thickness
    • Number of components
  • Nails: Needed to secure deck to stringer or block
  • Materials: Allowable lumber species, Minimum lumber grades, Moisture content of lumber
  • Performance Requirements: Load weight requirements, Maximum pallet deflection, Pallet Durability, Equipment capability (rack-able, conveyable, forklift and pallet jack entry)
  • Destination: Domestic or International