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Skids, Crates, and Pallets

As part of your team, we can build the wood packaging that is right for your product. We consider the specific needs of your product, your facility, and the end-use, so you feel confident putting your product on ours!

Pallet Design System (PDS)

We license and utilize the Pallet Design System (PDS) which was developed by the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA). Learn more about the PDS system and its benefits here. Utilizing PDS ensures that we provide exactly what you are looking for, regardless of how simple or complex your specific pallet needs are.

Heat-Treat and Export Solutions

SCP has a strong relationship with Northeastern Lumber Manufacturer’s Association (NELMA) to ensure that we are ISPM 15 compliant. With regular audits, you can be confident in our export compliance. We also have a kiln on-site, which allows us further heat treating capabilities such as dunnage stamped heat treated bracing boards.


We can help manage your inventory by keeping frequently ordered items in stock at our facility to minimize time between ordering and delivery. Vendor managed inventory helps to ensure that you have an uninterrupted supply of products.

Personalized Delivery

SCP delivers all of our products on our equipment, to ensure prompt and personalized service for our customers.

Recycled Pallets, Mulch, and Sawdust

Recycled Pallets

In trying to save our customer’s money, we created EverGreen Pallet Inc. This facility is solely dedicated to our recycling operations. Recycled pallets can typically be offered at a substantially lower price than new pallets of similar quality based on the market. Here we sort, refurbish, dismantle, and remanufacture pallets. Our recycled pallets are available in common demand sizes but we can also build to a customer’s need. We also have the ability to heat treat them. Ask us today about using recycled pallets as a price effective solution.


We are conscious of our waste! Both at SCP Inc. and EverGreen Pallet Inc., we have installed grinders. This allows us to load up all of our wood waste (i.e. board ends or junk pallets) and have it ground into mulch. From the grinders, it gets blown directly into trailers which allows us to sell it in truckload quantities.


At SCP Inc. we have installed a dust collection system which is linked in with our machines. This allows us to collect all of the sawdust we create on the production floor in a silo and then it gets blown into a trailer which again allows us to sell it by the truckload.

Scrap Pallet Purchase Program

Why hold on to broken pallets in your production environment that can’t be used any longer? Aside from taking up space, they can also create a safety hazard. Let SCP Inc. and EverGreen Pallet Inc. help you clean up!

We offer to buy standard 48″ x 40″ used pallets as well as other sizes. We can also provide dropped trailers at your facility so you always have a place to go with unusable pallets. Let us help you clean up the clutter!

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